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Misty Days — March 7, 2017

Misty Days

“Are you alright, dear?” I said.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I guess,” she said, in a shaky manner. “I just wish we had been prepared.”

Looking around, I said, “Let’s go see if there are any others.”

We looked around, searching all the rubble, but we only found two. We might have been the last of them all. What happened that day was indescribable. All except us four were wiped out. Just gone, in a moment. It was unfair. All of our family and friends. Our belongings, our accomplishments, just gone, like that. It was sad and all, but in the end, we needed to suck it up to survive. We needed to forget about the past and think of our future.

So, we started our journey to The City. But now we like to call it “Rubble”. We went there to see if there were any scraps that could be useful. Summum towered over The City. The architects said it would be indestructible. To our delight, Summum was still there. Maybe not fully intact, but mostly.

We stayed in Summum for a few hours until the sun began to die. It was a terrible sight, the sun was. The sky had an ominous black hue; the dark blue sun was half destroyed. The stars were non-existent. All the Milky Way had been swallowed by QC-1137.

The Days were awful. Sometimes, buildings would just collapse, then be sucked into the endless vacuum that was space. Earth was in pieces, and the rest of the universe gone. Most everything on Earth was gone. There were only some remains of Sulagna, and all the rest of the Earth was floating into space.

We left Summum just before the sun died. We didn’t know where to go, so we journeyed through The City and out into an empty field. It used to be the most populated area of The City. There were gaping holes falling down into nothingness. Huge rocks fell from the sky. It was an epic sight to be seen, but at the same time, we all felt mournful.

As we were climbing over a rock, we heard some noises. At first, they sounded like footsteps. But over time it grew louder and louder. It grew even louder until our ears started bleeding. We tried to find out where it was coming from. We kept going and going until we were at the edge of a hole. It wasn’t too steep, and it was getting extremely dark, almost to the point that we couldn’t see. We thought it would be safer and quieter in the hole. To our surprise, the noise kept getting louder and louder. Then, we saw them. They were almost invisible. Black and purple sparks emitted from their bodies, hitting the ground with a spectacular POP. It was an amazing thing. We were all dumbfounded. So surprised at this moment, we didn’t seem to think they could harm us. That was our mistake. One of them came closer to her. Oh… it was terrifying. She was absorbed by them. She was just sucked in. She was the love of my life. The sweetest thing imaginable.